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Life is a celebration. Enjoy it well.
— Uruj Shahid

Culinaria is a cozy restaurant in East Lawrence with a (sometimes) lively atmosphere. Located in one of Lawrence’s most historic buildings, Culinaria opened in 2009 as a customized catering company and private event space. After 8 years in the event’s industry, husband-and-wife owners, Aaron and Regan Pillar, decided to open a weekend restaurant, featuring foods they love, inspired by the spices and culinary aesthetic of the Mediterranean. Now open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, Culinaria serves Mediterranean-inspired dinner selections, homemade sweets and fresh fruit cocktails along with wine pairings and craft beer. With flavorful, innovative food and a warm, friendly environment, the folks at Culinaria invite you to come in, relax and celebrate one of life’s greatest joys … the simple pleasure of eating and drinking. 


Thursday | Friday | Saturday                 3:30p-9p


512 East 9th Street

Lawrence, Kansas 66044







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Our Building

Located on the northwest corner of 9th and New Jersey, the building housing Culinaria was originally constructed for the Kansas Cavalry after Quantrill’s raid (The Lawrence Massacre) in the fall of 1863. As a barn and carriage house, the dining room was used as a horse stable with a hay loft overhead. The space was also a butcher’s shop and slaughter house in the 1950’s as well as a Volkswagen mechanic in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Plus, special features each weekend!


Bubbles & White Wine

Catalonia, Spain | Torre Oria Brut Cava $8/$32

Champagne, France | Louis de Sacy 'Originel' Brut Champagne $55

Columbia Valley, Washington | The Jack Dry Riesling $8/$32

Portugal | Aliança Vinho Verde $7/$28

Oregon | Underwood Pinot Gris $9/$36

Mendocino, California | Brutocao Sauvignon Blanc $9.50/$38

Monterey, California | Peirano Estate Chardonnay $9/$36


Rose & Red Wine

Provence, France | Lavendette Rose $8.50/$34

Willamette Valley, Oregon | Cooper Hill Pinot Noir $11/$44

Willamette Valley, Oregon | Cooper Mountain Pinot Noir $52

Portugal | Cabriz Red Blend $8/$32

Tuscany, Italy | Ziobaffa Toscana Red $9/$36

Rioja, Spain | Raiza Tempranillo $10/$40

Mendoza, Argentina | Sur de los Andes $42



Life Coach Lager (Washington, KS) $3.50

New Belgium DayBlazer Easy Going Ale (CO) $4.00

Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale (DE) $5.00

O’dell Drumroll APA (CO) $4.00

Yankee Tank Red Dirt Country Ale (Lawrence, KS) $4.00

Free State Copperhead Pale Ale (Lawrence, KS) $4.00

Tallgrass Brewing Co 8-Bit Pale Ale $4.00 (Manhattan, KS)

Tropic Plunder (CA) $4.75

Deschute’s Fresh-squeezed IPA (OR) $4.50

Defiance Twisted Logik IPA (Hays, KS) $4.00



Vodka: Titos (Austin, TX) $5.50 | Reyka (Iceland) $6.00

Gin: Sloan's Dry (Netherlands) $6.00 | Principle de los Apostoles Yerba Matte (Argentina) $6.50

Whiskey (Rye | Bourbon): Old Overholt Rye $5.50 | Bulleit $6.50

Tequila: Espolon (Mexico) $5.00 | Demetrio Reposado (Mexico) $5.50

Scotch: Glenlivet $10.00

Classic Cocktails: Martinis | Manhattans | Margaritas | Highballs


Culinaria Cocktails


— $6 during Happy Hour & All Night on Thursdays! —

Strawberry-Thyme Vodka Lemonade

Vodka Orange Buck (Fresh-squeezed Orange, Bitters, Ginger, Press)

Grapefruit-Ginger Gin Fizz

Spiced Pear and Rye with Black Pepper

Blood Orange Tequila Rickey

Sangria (Rosé, Citrus, Berries, Pears, Seasonal Fruit) $6.50 | $5 Happy Hour/Thursdays!


Fancy Drinks

Berry-Berry Gimlet (Absolut Grapefruit, Fresh Lime, Housemade Berry Sorbet) $10.00

Park Slope Cosmopolitan (Tito’s, Grapefruit-Ginger, Lime, Up) $10.50

Martini (Reyka Vodka or Sloane’s Gin, Vermouth, splash of Olive Juice, Olive, Up … or your way!) $10.50

Aviation Lemon Drop (Aviation Gin, Fresh Lemon, Lemon Sorbet) $10.00

Aperol Negroni (Sloane’s Gin, Aperol Sweet Vermouth, Rocks) $10.50

Pineapple Margarita (Xicaru Mezcal, Fresh Pineapple, House Sour (Fresh-squeezed Lemon, Lime, Orange), Spritzer, Lime Salt) $9.00

Manhattan (Bulleit, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters, Cherry, Up) $10.50

The Big Apple (Bulleit, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters, House Made Apple Sorbet) $10.50

Horsefeather (Larceny, Ginger Simple Syrup, Citrus, Bitters, Cherry) $8.50

Old Fashioned (Larceny Bourbon, Orange Peel Tincture, Cherry, Bitters, Rocks) $9.00


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